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Web Hosting

Before you can go live with your website, you will need Web Hosting. Web Hosting is when a website is placed on a computer stored server. The server is kept in a climate controlled located where it is linked to the web. Syracuse Web Pages located right here in Syracuse, NY can offer you a safe a secure location to host your valuable website. There are two choices you have to make first, Unix or Windows?

As far as what the difference is, the Unix System can be more stable when using a Shared Hosting Plan but Windows has proven to be just as reliable. There is no real difference in speed; the differences come in as far as functionality of your site is concerned. Windows Servers are compatible with Microsoft, MS Access and My SQL.

syracuse ny web hostingWindows also offers ASP, Cold Fusion and Visual Basic Scripts. While Unix is an open source program that can accommodate PHP, MySQL and CGI as well as programs written in Unix. Once you have made that choice now you have to choose what style of Hosting that you want. Syracuse Web Pages offers:

Dedicated Web Hosting: is when a Webmaster rents the entire server for their website only. There are no other websites being stored on a dedicated server. With this type of hosting, the Webmaster has more flexibility with it since you don’t have to worry about other sites being compromised. The Dedicated Web Hosting is best used on larger sites like e commerce sites.

Shared Web Hosting: Unlike the Dedicated Server you are sharing a server with several other sites. Your site is kept separately from the others; this style of server can be used for smaller to medium sites. It is very cost affordable but consider your needs carefully before making a decision.

Virtual Private Servers Or VPS: These hosting severs are also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers. Syracuse Web Pages offers these cost affordable plans, these servers are designed to host your website only like a dedicated server. You can save money with the VPS and without compromising the performance of the server.

If you are new to the Internet, this can all sound so confusing, we here at Syracuse Web Pages are trained to help you make an informed decision. You have to really consider what your needs are, if you get a server that is too big it could cost you and in the same way a too small server can do more harm than good. Contact one of our Sales Associates for more information.

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